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Our "bagages d'exception" are imagined to open up a realm of unseen luxury and performance. Each impeccably made travel piece is engineered to be functional and effortlessly stylish. We create the most beautiful travel pieces that can be personalized to owners' style. Advanced engineering and technical know-how meet artisanal savoir-faire and handcrafted precision to create exclusive and unique luggage pieces. We aim to offer travel pieces with a modern and intuitive design using next-generation technology and noble materials.

Luxury Luggage

All our suitcases are handcrafted specifically for each customer. Each has a unique serial number and is identified with the name of its owner. Unique and handmade, a Charles Simon luxury luggage requires 20 weeks of work to be perfect.

Log drive wood
  • Cutting-Edge Engineering

    Cutting-Edge Engineering

    At Charles Simon, advanced engineering is used to play up design. Our suitcases are built to last a lifetime. Aerospace engineering techniques are applied. Our luggage structures are made of machined aluminum and carbon fiber panels. Our retractable handles and wheels are unique, elegant, sturdy and functional. Our exclusive mechanisms are engineered to maximized travellers’ experience.

  • Leather


    The leather we use is from a family-owned tannery based in South-West France, established since 1927. This tannery produces high quality leather and truly cares for the environment.

    We mainly use young bull leather from the most renowned breeding regions in France and Europe. The leather pieces we work with are transformed to reach a perfect thickness and showcase the leather’s natural grain. The finishing is uniform and consistent while remaining elegant and silky. The natural double tone brings a spark of life to our leather luggage.

    Photo credits : Remy Carriat
  • Alcantara®


    The result of a unique technology, Alcantara® is an avant-garde fabric that is esthetic, technical and environmentally friendly. Alcantara® is made in Italy using a secret industrial process.

    In short, Alcantara® is elegant, sophisticated, soft, lightweight, strong, durable, and eco-friendly. It is for its many qualities and the dozens of colors available, that we use this material inside our handcrafted luggage.

  • Customization


    We offer a wide selection of leather colors, Alcantara®, metallic finishes and Canadian wood species for almost limitless customization.

Charles Simon Charles Simon
Charles Simon Charles Simon