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Charles Simon is built on a special marriage between innovation and tradition. In our workshop based in Montreal, cutting edge engineering meets the finest materials and artisanal savoir-faire.

Modern engineering

Charles and Simon, as former aeronautical and aerospace engineers, have integrated their expertise into the design of the luggage.  Advanced engineering is used to optimize strength, durability and efficiency.

Aeronautic and aerospace technologies are employed every day in Charles Simon design studio, including computer-aided design, material strength calculations, dynamic simulations, 3D renderings and finite element method.

Wood and leather are subtly paired with the most durable aeronautic materials such as carbon fiber, anodized aluminum and polymers. Unique and patented mechanisms like retractable wheels and handles allow the luggage to maintain a sleek appearance and maximize the owner’s experience.


Artisanal craftsmanship

Charles Simon has a profound respect for craftsmanship and artisanal savoir-faire.

We work closely with a “new generation” lumberjack who specializes in the extraction of submerged logs in Quebec. The recovered wood is then crafted by our luthier. Only this respect, dedication and experience can showcase the natural splendor of the wood and achieve such a degree of perfection.

The same attention to quality applies to the carefully sourced materials, including the young bull leather, provided by a family-owned tannery, founded in 1927 in South of France, and Alcantara® suede interior lining made in Italy. Leather crafters finish by hand the bags and interior leather details.