FAQ - Charles Simon
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  • How to contact Charles Simon?

    Our advisors are available to assist you at +1 (514) 451-7676 from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm (Eastern time UTC-5h) or at info@charles-simon.com and service@charles-simon.com at any time. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Our advisors are English and French speakers.

  • How to follow Charles Simon news?

    By subscribing to the newsletter, you will receive exclusive information about new products and news from Charles Simon. You can also follow Charles Simon on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

  • Where are Charles Simon products are manufactured?

    Charles Simon collections are exclusively produced in our workshop in Montreal, Canada. All Charles Simon travel pieces are designed, engineered, manufactured and hand-assembled there by highly skilled technicians and craftsmen, who work together to deliver true Bagages d’exception. The origin and traceability of all the materials we used are also essential to offer true ethical and sustainable luxury goods.

  • Wood sturdiness

    Like any other natural material, wood will age: every journey will add depth to the unique wood veins and tones of your travel pieces. Even though our products and methods have gone through stringent development and endurance testing, wood could dent or scratch. This would not be a sign of poor quality or maintenance but rather the signs of multiple trips, memories and experiences. Should you wish to have your travel piece wood maintained, please contact our Client Service team at service@charles-simon.com.

  • Engraving

    All our luggage and bags are engraved in the interior with a unique serial number and the owner’s name.  Our bespoke service offers an additional monogram engraving on the handle.

  • Bespoke service

    Thanks to the Charles Simon bespoke service, all Charles Simon products can be personalized. You can choose the wood specie and patina, the colors of leather and Alcantara®, metallic finish and your monogram to create your own luggage to suit your personality. Let us know about your desires and we will do everything to create the luggage of your dreams. Please, feel free to contact us for any enquiries by clicking on Contact.

  • Payment and security

    Every communication passing through is thus encrypted through an SSL/HTTPS certificate. All submitted information is coded and signed so it cannot be intercepted nor read by a third party. We never store any credit card information and each request is encrypted through SSL.

  • Order confirmation

    An order confirmation is automatically sent to the email address provided at checkout. It acts as an invoice and includes your order number and all details that can be relevant for the follow-up of your order. One of our advisors will contact you by email in the next few days to confirm all the details of your specific order, your customization preferences, and the craftsmanship time.

  • Delivery and shipment

    Each piece is exclusively made to order for a customer, engraved with a unique serial number and the owner’s name. Each piece is handcrafted and requires 20 weeks to manufacture. Depending on the degree of customization and the volume of orders we receive, the delivery time may vary. Please contact us at service@charles-simon.com to get more information.

  • Authenticity

    Each Charles Simon product is unique and engraved with a unique serial number. A certificate of authenticity is provided with each product at the time of delivery. Should you have any questions about your product authenticity or its component traceability, please contact us at service@charles-simon.com. If you are reselling or buying off a reseller, we recommend that you contact our Client Service team prior to any transaction in order to learn about our authentication and recertification services.

  • Warranty

    A Charles Simon product is guaranteed for 24 months. All information and limitations regarding the warranty are available on our Terms and Conditions page.

  • Return policy

    As all our products are made to order and engraved with a unique serial number and the client’s name, our products are not returnable. Please contact us at service@charles-simon.com to get more information.