Interior view
Outside view
The Art of travelling light.

The light and compact Rupert makes a stylish overnight travel companion. The Rupert can be completely customized.

Wood Merisier
Exterior Leather Laminaire
Alcantara (interior) Mycène
Belt Leather Laminaire
Metallic finish Aluminium

To honour our Canadian roots, we have decided to name all our travel pieces after Canadian lakes and rivers. We wanted to celebrate water, its richness, and the Canadian landscape beauty. The Rupert River is one of the longest rivers in Canada. With a length of 763 km, it has its source in Témiscamie Lake. Its winding course crosses a series of lakes and a coastal plain to pour into the south-eastern part of James Bay in northern Quebec. For centuries, the Cree first nations have lived on the shore of the river.


  • High quality leather
  • Log-drive wood
  • Alcantara®
  • Satin Aluminum


  • Retractable handle
  • Rigid suitcase in carbon fibres and aluminum

Dimensions & weight

  • 50cm x 31cm x 19cm
  • 3,7 kg
  • 20 liters

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