Charles Simon - Luxury luggage
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Charles Simon is defined by an uncompromising devotion to design, infused by the aeronautic engineering experience of the founders.

Thanks to state-of-the-art engineering and expert know-how, Charles Simon provides a unique, new vision of luggage and travel accessories. Charles Simon travel pieces are designed, engineered and handcrafted in Canada.

Aeronautic engineering meets artisanal savoir-faire

Design is key for Charles Simon. The look is minimalist and elegant, uniting beauty and performance. It took years of innovation for Charles and Simon—two former aeronautical engineers—to perfect. These pieces are as stunning as they are clever and designed to last a lifetime.

Aeronautic and aerospace technologies are employed every day in Charles Simon’s Design Studio. The structure of the luggage is made with carbon fiber panels combined with an ultralight aluminum skeleton to ensure strength, durability and lightness; the same technology used on modern aircrafts. Our design team develops new mechanisms like retractable wheels and a patented automatic deploying handle. Our goal is to maintain a sleek appearance and an optimal performance.

An equal attention to quality is applied to the carefully sourced materials, including the leather, provided by a family-owned tannery, founded in 1927 in South of France, and Alcantara®, a suede interior lining made in Italy. Leather crafters finish by hand the bags and interior leather details.

Charles Simon offers grey or black aluminum exterior finishes and for some exceptional pieces a noble wood finish made with rescued century-old timber logs. Submerged in Quebec’ lakes and rivers since the log drive era, the recovered wood comes back to life in the hand of our luthier. His dedication and experience showcase the natural splendor of the wood. Charles Simon has a profound respect for craftsmanship and combining it with cutting-edge engineering makes the Charles Simon products unique.