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About Charles Simon

Learn more about Charles Simon’s founding story, our unique expertise and the guiding principles behind everything we do.

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Charles Simon is driven by a passion for the reimagination of objects, pushing the boundaries to an unprecedented level of excellence. 


Our Story

Charles Simon was founded in Montreal in 2014 by two engineers, Charles and Simon, out of passion for the reimagination of objects. Advanced engineering powers minimalist design with an uncompromising devotion to quality. 

Following years of friendship, joint success in the world’s largest engineering competition and careers in aeronautics, management and aerospace engineering, Charles and Simon were brought together again by their love for creation. 

The co-founders started Charles Simon with an unprecedented approach. Their blend of cutting-edge engineering and meticulous craftsmanship gives rise to a contemporary interpretation of timeless elegance. 

The brand continues to pursue this quest for perfection to create an ever expanding line of sleek and innovative accessories for watches, travel, home and the everyday.

Pillars of Purpose

Discover the core principles that define Charles Simon’s distinctive identity and our commitment to quality.



Passion for reimagination lies at the center of everything Charles Simon.

It is the spark that started this project, it is the force that motivates us to strive for perfection in every detail, and it is the elementary sentiment that ties us to our customers.

This dedication to excellence serves as the cornerstone for our innovative solutions and customer-centric approach.

Detail shot of sleek handle and protective lock of the Mackenzie Briefcase.

Engineering meets contemporary craftsmanship

The innovative drive and cutting-edge techniques of high performance engineering merge with the handcrafted precision and devoted care of contemporary craftsmanship to form the perfect balance of function and beauty.

A bold, unprecedented take on modern luxury. Exceptional accessories, designed to be timeless, engineered to be functional and handmade to last. 

Charles-Simon_Luxury-simplicity, 3 watch cases eaton

Luxury is simplicity

We create the experience of owning something truly special.

Charles Simon accessories are a celebration of function and intentionality. Premium materials, pure forms, clean lines and finely-honed details for a sleek, effortlessly stylish aesthetic. 

A contemporary interpretation of timeless elegance. 

Charles_Simon_connection, packaging of eaton 3 watch case

Profound connections

Forming interrelated bonds based on personalization, intentionality and outstanding service. 

At Charles Simon, every brand touch point is infused with passion. 

We care about the materials we use, we care about the craft we practice and above all, we care about the people we create for and go all out to cultivate closeness and connection.

Our passion for creating objects of exceptional quality combined with the desire to work with people who share our values prompted us to launch Charles Simon.

Charles_Simon_expertise_aluminum_grinding Charles_Simon_expertise_enginnering

At Charles Simon


We get personal

Nothing feels as luxurious as a piece that is made specifically for you. We are devoted to creating objects that fit into your life, fulfill your needs and express your individuality. Through an engaged one-on-one support process, you get to work with our team to develop bespoke accessories that are crafted according to your vision and will enhance your everyday for a long time.

Make it your own

Our Commitment to Intentionality and Transparency