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Personalization Service

Discover the splendor of bespoke luxury and turn your vision into a reality

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True luxury is owning something that was made specifically for you.

Distinctly Yours - Luxury Accessories, Handmade For You

At Charles Simon, we are dedicated to creating products that fit into your life and correspond to your needs and individual taste. No matter what your ideal accessory might be, our talented team of designers, engineers and craftsmen is here to make your vision come to life. Our Personalization Service provides endless customization options, including premium materials choices, custom color combinations, embossed initials and much more.


Leather color

Our accessories are dressed with premium young bull leather, sourced from a renowned family-owned tannery in the southwest of France. With a selection of 30 shades, the leather color is the perfect opportunity to express your personal style.


Interior color

The inside of our accessories is lined with Alcantara®, a suede-like fabric that is equally soft and durable. As a carbon neutral material, the choice of Alcantara® for our accessories is part of Charles Simon's commitment to sustainability. Choose from a palette of 25 shades to create your ideal interior.

Charles_Simon_personalization_aluminum_anodization in grey and black

Aluminum Finish 

The metal components of our accessories are made from anodized, aerospace-grade aluminum. The anodization treatment renders the aluminum finish more resistant to scratches and durable over time. Choose the color of the anodization finish to customize your Charles Simon accessory according to your preference.


Wood patina

Our Original collection features recycled Canadian timber from the log-drive era. Infused with rich local history, this sustainable wood is particularly dense and durable. Specific rays, knots and colorations stemming from years immersed under water make each piece truly one-of-a-kind.

The oil-based finish preserves the natural appearance and feel of the wood while protecting it from external damage. During the finishing process, a wood stain can be applied to color the wood to your liking.


Initials and Name Engraving

Nothing makes a piece more uniquely yours than adding your name. From initials hot stamping to name engraving, there are multiple ways to make your mark.

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Charles-Simon_personalization_cushion-size, options of cushion sizes for watch accessories

Cushion Size 

We offer three different cushion sizes, small, medium and large, to accommodate different wrists. If your size falls outside of our regularly offered options, we are happy to create custom cushions for you to ensure that your Charles Simon accessory is a perfect fit.

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" In a world of mass production and fast-paced consumerism, we want to allow people to be more intentional with their purchases. Instead of constantly acquiring products only to realize that they do not truly fulfill your needs, investing in a high quality piece that is crafted specifically according to your desires and designed to last for a long time offers both functional longevity and lasting joy."

C. G. T., CEO and Co-founder of Charles Simon

The Bespoke Process - Step by Step Guide

Get Inspired

Browse past bespoke projects to brainstorm ideas for your custom Charles Simon accessory.

Closeup shot of Rolex luxury watch on removable Alcantara cushion with red accent in an all black Mackenzie 12 watch briefcase
Charles-Simon_bespoke_Eaton-3_marine_papaya, 3 watch case
Charles-Simon_bespoke_Mackenzie_Original_black_aliuminum_1, watch briefcase handmade in canada
Charles-Simon_bespoke_Theo_black_Cobalt personalized with initials
Charles-Simon_bespoke_Mackenzie_leather-design, watch briefcase with modern design, luxury design watch briefcase
Charles-Simon_bespoke_Eaton-3_black_initials_mobile, peronsalized watch case with initials

The Best Gifts are Personal

Give gifts with the ultimate personal touch and ensure that your loved ones do not just unwrap a present, but a unique piece of bespoke elegance with customized gifts by Charles Simon. From embossed initials to a personalized message, we go above and beyond to ensure that a Charles Simon gift is one to remember and bring joy for a long time.

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Reach out to share your ideas or questions and receive dedicated, one-on-one support from our Personalization Service team. We look forward to hearing from you and are honored to be able to bring your vision to life and craft your unique Charles Simon piece.

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