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In order to offer endless room for variety and interpretation, every Charles Simon accessory can be fully personalized. Whatever you imagine your ideal accessory to be, our Personalization service can bring your unique vision to life.

Samples of leather

Leather color

Our collection is dressed with young bull leather sourced from a French family-owned tannery that was founded in 1927. This strong, yet soft and elegant, leather guarantees exceptional wear for everyday use. With a selection of 30 shades, the leather color is the perfect opportunity to express your personality.

Alcantara available in different colors

Alcantara® color

We use Alcantara®, a luxurious avant-garde fabric, for the plush interior of our luggage and accessories. Made in Italy, Alcantara® is a sophisticated, suede-like material, that is soft to the touch and yet, highly durable. In addition to being water repellent, Alcantara® is eco-friendly. You can select any color from our range of 25 shades to match the interior to your personal style.

Samples of grey and black anodized aluminum

Aluminum color anodizing

All of our metallic parts are made of anodized aluminum. Anodizing improves corrosion resistance and surface hardness, prevents scratching and provides an optimal foundation for coloring. Choose between two metallic finishes, light grey or black, to create your ideal style.

Samples of wood species and different patinas

Wood species and patina

Our Original luggage collection is made from the finest rescued Canadian log-drive timber. The wood's exquisite natural qualities are infused with the material's rich history. Unique rays, knots and coloration render each piece one of a kind. Our luthier crafts the wood species of your choice, maple or cherrywood, and applies a patina to reveal its natural beauty.

Initials engraved on an aluminum detail


All our suitcases, briefcases, trunks and watch cases are engraved with a unique serial number and the owner’s name. Our Bespoke service offers an additional monogram engraving wherever you want on any of the aluminum parts. The ultimate personal touch!

Initials stamping on leather accessory

Hot stamping

Hot stamping allows you to have your initials embossed on any Charles Simon leather accessory, including wallets, toiletry bags, card holders and more.

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Let us know your wishes and our designers and craftsmen will turn your vision into a custom-made reality. For more information, please contact us. It will be our pleasure to help you craft your unique Charles Simon piece.

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