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luxury watch accessories, charles simon accessories for watches, leather watch accessories

Watch Accessories

An assortment of handmade watch accessories to elevate your watch collection


Charles_Simon_experience_dragon, gold foil print on leather goods

Handmade in Canada

All Charles Simon accessories are crafted exclusively in our Montreal-based atelier in Canada.

Our skilled artisans imbue each handmade piece with their years of expertise, a deep appreciation for the craft, and meticulous care and attention to detail.

Charles_Simon_experience_dragon, gold foil print on leather goods

The Charles Simon experience

We curate the experience of owning something truly special.

From the use of high-quality materials and an intricate in-house manufacturing process to our extensive customization choices, and personalized customer service, we wholeheartedly strive to nurture intentionality and foster meaningful connections along every step of the way.

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Our Exclusive Personalization Services

Discover the splendor of bespoke luxury with the Charles Simon Personalization service. Choose from a wide range of premium materials and add the ultimate personal touch with initials embossing, name engraving or hot stamping. Our talented team transforms your vision into reality.

Make it Personal

Hear from our customers

"Charles Simon goes above and beyond. Nobody does watch accessories quite like they do."

L. H.

"Charles Simon's design and craftsmanship are unparalleled. "

M. H.

"I have rarely seen products of such exceptional craftsmanship"

G. B.

"The items I’ve obtained from Charles Simon so far display and frame the watches they hold as precisely what I purchased them to be – personally significant emblems of excellence."

M. C.

"A true artisanal brand. The best watch case. Period. Definitely ordering more."

M. S.

"The tasteful minimalist design of Charles Simon's products immediately caught my eye."

I. C. G.

"I've genuinely been blown away by Charles Simon. Based in Canada, the quality of their cases and rolls are second to none."

J. H.

All Watch Accessories

Find the perfect fit for your unique collection with Charles Simon’s wide assortment of reimagined watch accessories. From traveling with one timepiece to at home storage for an entire collection, we have the right watch accessory for you. An exceptional blend of advanced engineering and contemporary craftsmanship, combined with our signature minimalist design, ensures that these luxury watch accessories elevate the experience of owning and managing a watch collection.

All Charles Simon accessories are crafted by hand in Canada from a selection of refined materials. Whether it’s our compact single watch roll for traveling or our sleek watch and jewelry box, the use of anodized aluminum makes our objects both lightweight and durable. Each piece is then dressed in fine French bull leather, resulting in a refined, hard-wearing exterior that is equally beautiful to look at and pleasant to the touch. Special attention is paid to the interior of our cases and boxes: dressed in soft Alcantara, their compartments are neatly organized and equipped with perfectly sized cushions –  to help ensure a tight and comfortable fit for any timepiece.