Charles Simon

A story about two ambitious engineers

”Respect for our Canadian origins and craftsmanship as well as our journey as engineers have profoundly shaped the soul of the brand.”

Charles Simon was founded in 2014 in Montreal by Charles and Simon. Friends at university, Charles and Simon won several major awards together at the largest engineering student competition in the world, for designing, manufacturing and driving a Formula SAE racecar. Charles then pursued a career in aeronautics and management, Simon in aerospace engineering.

Their long friendship and instinctive need to create led them to come together again. As a response to the lack of well-crafted, design-led luggage and travel accessories on offer at the time and with the ambition to disrupt the industry with their new vision, they formed Charles Simon.

With an uncompromising devotion to design, quality and aesthetics, by combining the precision of aeronautical engineering and artisanal savoir-faire, we made every Charles Simon pieces exclusive, bold yet timeless and functional.

We create each model to highlight your unique journey. You, the creator, the game changer, always pushing the limits. You, the contemporary and curious traveller who experience travel not only as a destination but as a state of mind. You, the perfectionist, for whom every detail matters.

We are committed to sustainability.

At Charles Simon, we strive to work in the most sustainable way possible and with care for the environment.

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