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The epitome of travel excellence – Elevate your journey with avant garde luggage by Charles Simon 

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Travel Redefined – Where precision meets passion, Charles Simon luggage embodies the pursuit of perfection, transforming every journey into an unparalleled experience of excellence.

Rolling Luggage

The Bonaventure Rolling luggage is an innovatory cabin size suitcase ideal to accompany you on a business trip or weekend getaway.

Charles-Simon_Travel_features_Bonaventure_design, luxury rolling luggage, minimalistic leather luggage

Beauty and Performance

Disruptive design featuring deceptively simple lines and clean geometric shapes make the Bonaventure a boldly minimalist statement piece.

Every last detail is carefully thought out to offer the perfect balance of aesthetic appeal and ergonomic functionality.

Crafted by hand from the finest materials, including premium leather and lightweight yet robust carbon fiber and aerospace-grade anodized aluminum, the Bonaventure sets a new standard for luxury travel.

Charles-Simon_Travel_features_Bonaventure_wheels, luxury rolling luggage

Retractable Wheels

Drawing on the engineering background of our co-founders, Charles Simon developed a cutting-edge retractable wheels suitcase.

The wheels are revealed with the simple push of a button, a never-before-seen mechanism on luggage, which offers a sleek look and incredibly smooth rolling experience powered by advanced engineering technology.

Charles-Simon_Travel_features_Bonaventure_handle, luxury rolling luggage with unique design

Deploying Handle

Our boldly minimalist automatic deployment handle is a cutting-edge, patented mechanism infused with the aerospace and aeronautic engineering expertise of the co-founders.

Equally elegant and ergonomic, this distinct feature is guaranteed to elevate your travel experience.

Charles-Simon_Travel_Bonaventure_background - luxury rolling luggage with minimalistic design, packing of the rolling luggage

Exquisite Interior

Premium materials and an impeccable, handcrafted finish transport your belongings in comfort and style.

The plush interior of the Bonaventure is lined by hand with Alcantara, a suede-like fabric that is both soft and durable, to ensure that your holdings are properly cushioned.

Charles-Simon_Travel_Bonaventure_design_1, luxury rolling luggage
Charles-Simon_Travel_Bonaventure, lifestyle shooing of men carrying rolling luggage

Ready to Elevate Your Travel Experience?

Get in touch for more information on the Bonaventure and dedicated one-on-one support to answer your questions and help you find the right Charles Simon travel partner.

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“In every journey lies opportunity. Our luggage embodies this pursuit of excellence, marrying form and function to elevate the voyager’s experience. Through the blend of advanced engineering and contemporary craftsmanship, we forge a new pathway to transcendent travel.”

– C. G. T., CEO and Co-founder of Charles Simon

Carry-on Luggage

The Rupert Carry-on is perfect for everything from weekend getaways to short international travel. A compact, cabin size format, robust, aerospace-grade aluminum and carbon fiber casing and minimalist design add convenience, safety and style to your travel experience.

Charles-Simon_Travel_features_Rupert_design, luxury carry-on luggage, lifestyle shot of women holding the cary-on luggage

Disruptive Design

An avant-garde aesthetic appeal featuring clean shapes and deceptively simple lines make the Rupert a must-have statement piece for the traveler seeking a new standard of sophistication.

A symbol of understated refinement, every single detail of the Rupert is carefully thought out, setting a new standard for luxury in transit.

Charles-Simon_Travel_features_Rupert_design, luxury carry-on luggage

Deploying Handle

Rupert is equipped with an automatic deploying handle developed and patented by Charles Simon.

This never-before-seen mechanism optimizes space and gives the carry-on its signature minimalist look when retracted.

Charles-Simon_Travel_features_Rupert_interior, organization of the interior

Exquisite Interior

Superb materials and an impeccable, handcrafted finish transport your belongings in comfort and style.

The plush interior of the Rupert is lined by hand with Alcantara, a suede-like fabric that is both soft and resilient, to ensure that your travel essentials are kept safe and cushioned properly.

Charles-Simon_Travel_Rupert_background, luxury cary-on luggage

Ready to Embark on Your Charles Simon Journey?

Reach out to receive more information on the Rupert Carry-on and discover our various customization options for carry-on suitcases made to transport special goods. Our dedicated customer support team is at your disposal to provide you with personalized advice.

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Get in touch to voice any questions on our luggage and receive dedicated, one-on-one support from our team. We look forward to hearing from you and are honored to elevate your unique journey.