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Charles Simon initiated from our desire to push the boundaries of the luxury luggage world through design and a quest towards perfection. The art of travelling is redefined through pure luxury. As perfectionists, we create the best-looking travel pieces that ally modern design and cutting-edge technology. Our mission is to offer our customers the most beautiful suitcases to enable them to assert their unique personality.


For us, each travel piece means visionary design and poetry of luxury. We create art pieces that live in the hands of travellers. Sophisticated and capable, ergonomically perfect, this is who we are and what we stand for.

  • We are


    As perfectionists, we create the most beautiful travel objects that ally modern design and cutting-edge technology. Through the meticulous work of craftsmen, our advanced technical expertise and great attention to detail, we are reinventing the art of travelling.

  • We believe

    that our customers deserve the most beautiful objects to reflect their personality, their character, their individuality, their success. We believe that a luxury carry-on should last a lifetime without becoming obsolete. We believe in luxury that respects the environment.

  • We promise

    durable travel pieces with a unique style. We create travel objects with pure lines, truly modern, of exceptional quality.

  • We deliver

    category-breaking performance luxury suitcases, which ignore conventions. Each piece, handmade to order in Canada, can be customized. Exclusivity, creativity, elegance and modernity are enhanced by personalization thus creating real bagages d’exception.

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Charles Simon Charles Simon
Charles Simon Charles Simon