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Article: The Importance of Watch Accessories: Elevating Your Timepiece

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The Importance of Watch Accessories: Elevating Your Timepiece

Watch accessories are an integral part of any watch enthusiast’s journey, and while some get more attention, others are often overlooked and remain peripheral for many aspiring collectors – unjustly so. The importance of watch accessories is easily measured by the sheer number of purposes that they fulfill, and in this article we will go over the most popular options, and list some of the essential items that any watch collector should own.

Our first stop is the different watch straps and bracelets: mostly, because they are the initial point of interest for anyone looking to enhance their timepiece. Whether it’s plainly a question of comfort, or if the visual appeal is concerned, straps and bracelets are the first line of customisation that is widely available and capable of meeting such demands.

The sheer variety is astounding, and every watch lover is bound to find something that fits their idea of a perfectly dapper and comfortable strap. Besides, a quality watch strap is easily the single most important element that is constantly protecting your watch from the most serious threat of all: from sliding off your wrist – and onto the ground. These are the obvious accessories that can almost be considered a part of the watch itself, and usually not many look further, quite content with their new strap.

Watch tools

The next item on our list is cleaning and maintenance tools. Perhaps, someone would want to change the strap on their watch themselves; perhaps, they would also like to change the battery; or maybe, they just enjoy keeping their timepiece shiny, clean from any dirt and well-maintained. This is where some basic tools would come in handy – a cleaning cloth, a soft brush, maybe a holder and an opener, a pair of tweezers or a spring bar tool.

But realistically there is not a lot that one can do with a watch on their own before risking doing more harm than good, unless they are a professional watchmaker themselves. At the end of the day, a soft cleaning cloth is probably the best single tool to have on hand, and likely the one to see the most use out of all of these.

Watch storage

And then, there is one more type of essential watch accessories meant specifically for collectors who value their watch highly enough to seriously consider its protection and longevity. These are of course the watch storage solutions: from watch cases and boxes to watch stands and rolls, and even briefcases – the options are varied and plenty. Such items are masterfully crafted, well designed, and intended wholly to augment and support a timepiece, both figuratively and literally.

watch storage

Watch cases excel at negating the negative effects of humidity and dust, as well as keeping your watches safe, preventing scratches and dents – all while being an eye-catching element of any interior. A watch that is placed on top of a watch stand or in a box is certain to sustain less damage compared to one that is stored in a drawer on a regular basis; the former will also possess a refined look. In a similar fashion, it is virtually impossible for a timepiece that travels in a dedicated watch case to be harmed in any way – whereas a watch that has to be taken off your wrist and placed in a tray during a security check is almost guaranteed to.

This category, however, is the one that most watch collectors tend to forget about, despite the combination of aesthetics and practicality that storage solutions can offer.

Essential Watch Accessories Every Enthusiast Should Own

Because watch storage accessories are often overlooked, let us explore further what types of storage solutions there are, what particular functions they are best suited for, and how they can enhance the everyday experiences of owning and using a timepiece.

Watch stands

Watch stands are a perfect start for a watch enthusiast who is looking for a permanent at-home storage solution, has a few watches that they wear regularly, and would simply prefer to keep them easily accessible and neatly organized.

For example, items from the Hudson watch stand collection by Charles Simon offer a stylish look and are very satisfying to use thanks to the refined materials they are crafted from. Their thoughtful minimalist design features padded display areas, and the stands can be used both alone or as a pair – besides the functionality, they are very likely to become a dashing decorative element.

Watch rolls

A watch roll is an accessory that performs the function opposite to that of the watch stand. Designed specifically for protection on the go, these single watch cases are an indispensable tool for any watch collector when it comes to traveling.

Such cases need to be compact and reliable, like the watch rolls fromthe Theo collection: they are secure, can be opened quickly, and have a strong aluminum frame dressed in fine bull leather, making them durable and pleasant to the touch. A neat design feature also makes Theo able to perform display functions: its lid together with the soft cushion can be placed on top of the rounded body to create a small pedestal for the timepiece.

Lifestyle photo of open gold watch roll by Charles Simon holding luxury watch while traveling

Watch cases

If you own multiple watches and have a lifestyle where you would be looking to both protect them at home and still have the option to travel, there is little doubt that watch cases are the most adaptable out of any other storage solutions.

Available for as few as one and as many as three timepieces, watch cases fromthe Eaton collection by Charles Simon are a prime example of such flexibility. They feature semi-rigid casing, a robust and lightweight aluminum frame, soft Alcantara lining on the interior, and perfectly sized cushions to ensure that the watches have a tight and comfortable fit. The elegant exterior also helps these watch cases perform exceptionally well in at-home scenarios, making them effectively a display case, and providing the versatility that any watch collector would appreciate.

Watch boxes

Some watch enthusiasts come to amass larger collections, and a high-capacity watch box is an essential tool in helping manage and organize all of the timepieces at once. Elegant and sophisticated, watch boxes can easily double as display cases, and some even come with jewelry compartments, making them perfect for permanent at-home storage.

Premium quality materials is exactly what helps create the stylish minimalist look of the Spence collection. Their carbon fiber and anodized aluminum frame ensures that the watches inside are safe and secure, while the soft padded interior and tightly fitting cushions prevent any movement-related damage. The 12-piece boxes also feature additional compartments that can house watch straps and accessories, making collection management that much easier. Our personal favorite is this sophisticated and enigmatic six-piece black/black Spence watch box, the elegant look of which is bound to catch some eyes.

Watch briefcases

Last but not least, there is a special accessory that watch collectors use when a need to transport a large collection arises. Watch briefcases are specifically designed to be able to accommodate a substantial number of timepieces and are uniquely fit for travel purposes.

Lifestyle photo of gold Mackenzie 12 Watch briefcase displaying an entire watch collection of 12 luxury timepieces. Handmade in Canada to store, transport and display your watches

It is items like the briefcases from the Mackenzie collection that allow for up to 12 watches to comfortably board a plane together with their owner and journey onwards to any destination in utmost safety and comfort. A contemporary interpretation of timeless design, the Mackenzies are stylish and dependable – exactly what a dedicated watch briefcase should be.

The bottom line

Watch accessories come in different shapes, sizes, and are unique to their respective purposes. But there is one characteristic that unites them all: it is the ability to enhance the everyday experiences of even the most discerning collector. And this is exactly why they are an essential part of any watch enthusiast’s journey.

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