Follow the light – 5 brilliant artists creating electrifying light art installations

When lighting becomes the focal point of artistic expression, the interplay between shadows, luminance and colors creates dazzling works of art that enlighten the electrifying connection between humans and light as the source of all visual experiences. 

That is why we have decided to put a spotlight on 5 magnificent artists who use light as their main medium to create installations that will carry you into the same galvanic realm of hyperreality that inspired our limited Into the Night collection. 

Dan Flavin

Dan Flavin is an American minimalist artist most known for his use of commercial grade fluorescent light tubes in disparate geometrical configurations to offer conscientious explorations of space and light. 

Leo Villareal

The American artist’s work aims to strip down systems to their essence in order to comprehend underlying structures and rules of governance. In doing so, Villareal uses large quantities of LED lights as well as coding to create rich spatiotemporal environments in which emergent behaviors can occur with a preconceived outcome. 

Olafur Eliasson

Eliasson’s art utilizes natural elements, including light, water and fog to create immersive, site-specific environments that contemplate human perception and our connection to the natural world. The Icelandic-Danish artist often works with scientists and technical experts to infuse his installations with a specific, data-driven, eco-conscious message. 

James Turrell

As a leading figure of the Light and Space moment, Turrell uses colored light as a medium to create imposing optical illusions. The results are large-scale, immersive installations that interact with their curatorial space to investigate all aspects of human perception. 

James Turrell, ligh and space


teamLab is a Japanese art collective consisting of artists, engineers, programmers, animators, architects, and mathematicians. Through their immersive light installations, the collective aims to explore how art, science, technology and design interact with the natural world. 

This selection of installation artists and captivating pieces showcases how light functions as both a stimulating source of inspiration and a medium to express the dynamic spectrum of human perception of the self and the environment.

Whether it is through temporary complete immersion into these artists’ magnificent creations or by adding a touch of colorful luminescence to your daily routine with the accessories from our Into the Night collection, embracing the invigorating energy of aesthetic lighting allows you to brighten your personal journey.