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Article: Slow consumption - What if the fast track to fulfillment actually lies in slowing down?

Slow consumption - What if the fast track to fulfillment actually lies in slowing down?

Slow consumption - What if the fast track to fulfillment actually lies in slowing down?

In a world of infinite choices and increasingly fast progress, consumerism is presented as the way to remain on top of all these rapid cultural developments.

However, the brief moment of post-purchase fulfillment is often short-lived. Soon, a newer product enters the market, leaving us in an endless chase for the next big thing.

Frustrated by the empty promises of instant gratification and increasingly concerned with the negative impact consumption has on the environment, consumers are now seeking alternative approaches.

Instead of looking for contentment as fast as possible, why not focus on building it as well as possible

This philosophy of quality over quantity gave rise to a new approach towards consumerism known as slow consumption, which focuses on building lasting relationships with the products we choose to include in our lives. Slow consumption entails refined materials, transparent production conditions and striving for planned durability instead of planned obsolescence.

Charles Simon applies this prioritization of high quality and longevity to luggage and travel accessories. In that manner, the slow consumption mindset transcends into all areas of the brand through slow production practices–from product planning to material sourcing and our manufacturing process.

Slow production starts with an increased awareness of material resources and their origin, use and lifespan. That is why Charles Simon works with local manufacturers and sources we build long-standing relationships with. The premium young bull leather used on the exterior of our products is provided by a family-owned tannery in the south of France that was founded in 1927. Even though we considered vegan materials, research concluded that natural leather remains the most enduring option for exteriors of travel accessories that are used on a daily basis. Therefore, we decided to partner with an established leather provider that works according to the highest standards of the industry. The interior of our luggage and travel accessories is made of Alcantara®, a soft, durable fabric produced by the first Italian company to achieve Carbon Neutrality status.

Moreover, Charles Simon utilizes recycled Canadian timber from the log-driving era that has been rescued from local bodies of water around Quebec by a modern-age lumberjack. These sunken treasures epitomize everything slow production stands for. Stemming from an age in which winters were harder and trees grew more slowly, the trunks are sturdier than wood from our modern days (click here to read more about the log driving era).



Additionally, using recycled wood combats deforestation and reduces our carbon footprint. In that manner, slow production is deeply tied to sustainability. Charles Simon implements sustainable practices to the best of our capabilities and even though there always is room for optimization, the consistent, conscious effort to be environmentally-friendly is the factor that ultimately defines the slow production approach.

Charles Simon’s use of exclusive materials drastically prolongs the product lifespan and thereby prevents waste. Furthermore, our manufacturing process puts these exquisite materials into the hands of traditional artisans whose devoted work further contributes to the longevity of our products.

All Charles Simon luggage, travel and watch accessories are handcrafted in Canada in our artisanal workshop in Montreal. Our expert craftsmen infuse years of training and a high respect for their trade into every single piece of our products. The result is a manufacturing process that takes the time to prioritize care and precision and leaves no detail to coincidence. In consequence, orders take up to several months to be processed and shipped out, but this slow fabrication is necessary in order to adhere to our high standards and deliver exquisite, handmade products.


Our commitment to slow production and sustainability is evident in all aspects of the brand and hence also reflected in our packaging. Charles Simon products are transported in high-end box made in Montreal that deliberately avoid glossy lamination in order to be fully recyclable.

This intentionality along every step of production leaves room for you, the customer, to become involved. We believe that instead of you chasing after the latest item, products should be crafted for you and your unique path. For that reason, we offer numerous customization options ranging from color choices to different anodization finishes and embroidered initials.

In addition, Charles Simon goes beyond creating and selling a well-crafted item and instead offers an all-round package that includes close collaboration, personalized services and excellent customer care. Every part of your Charles Simon experience is custom-made to fit into your life. Thereby, our products are more than just a travel accessory, they are your companion made to elevate your exceptional journey.

So, when you choose Charles Simon, you choose premium, sustainably-sourced materials, local, traditional craftsmanship and emotionally-durable design that will last a lifetime. Start your slow journey towards intentionality now by exploring our product catalogue.

Written by Elizabeth Hanisch

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