Bonaventure Original - Rolling luggage


Bonaventure Original is the most iconic Charles Simon luggage and an unparalleled example of craftsmanship and innovation. Made from a robust aerospace-grade aluminum and carbon fiber case, this large suitcase is covered with century-old Canadian wood and luxurious leather. As a trolley with its retractable wheels or as a carry-on with its automatic deploying handle, it is cabin size and ideal for a short weekend or business trip.


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10 year-warranty 
All our luggage comes with a 10-year warranty. Read more

55 cm x 38 cm x 23 cm - Cabin size
30 liters 
5.3 kg

Structure: carbon fiber and aluminum
Exterior finishes: anodized aluminum, maple wood and young bull leather
Handles: anodized aluminum and maple wood
Wheels: anodized aluminum and polyurethane rubber
Interior lining: Alcantara®

Made to order, shipping and return
Handcrafted in Canada, this piece is exclusively made to order for you and is engraved with your name and a unique serial number. Charles Simon offers free shipping on all orders. Please refer to our return policy for more information.

Bonaventure is a state-of-the-art rolling suitcase. With just a push of a button, you reveal the two wheels and handle. This luggage is designed so that the center of gravity is aligned with the wheels and ensures effortless and smooth maneuverability during your journey.

Our signature aluminum-carbon fiber combination is the protective casing for our entire range of luggage, making each piece lightweight and sturdy. This combination is the result of high technology, which is otherwise used in aeronautics, aerospace and racing cars.

We only use rescued Canadian log-drive timber, rich with history and natural qualities (read more here). Our Design Studio has developed a complex combination between aluminum and wood. Each wooden piece is hollowed out to be very thin and combined with a solid aluminum frame, and then crafted by our luthier to showcase its natural beauty. Each rays, knots and coloration make the luggage unique and exceptional.

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