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Beauty and performance

Charles Simon is built on a special blend of innovation and tradition. In our workshop in Montreal, cutting edge engineering meets exquisite materials and artisanal savoir-faire.

Rolling luggage designed by Charles Simon

Disruptive and unparalleled design

Industrial design is at the heart of everything we do. We truly believe in the perfect balance of function and beauty and leave nothing to chance. That is why every last detail is thought out in our Design Studio with the utmost precision and care.

The cofounders Charles and Simon, joined by talented industrial designer and long-time university friend Pascal Godin, worked for several years to develop Charles Simon's distinctive design. Our collection exhibits a beautifully sleek, timeless yet bold aesthetic grounded in well thought-out, functional, ergonomic design. We thrive on curiosity and always seek to push the boundaries into unprecedented realms of creative innovation. Driven by this inventive mindset, we have developed the first automatic deployment handle and retractable wheels suitcase.

Our dedication to continuous progress and originality makes Charles Simon pieces unequalled in the luxury accessories space.

Precision of aeronautic engineering

The highest standards of aeronautic engineering

Charles and Simon have integrated the expertise they acquired during their careers as aeronautical and aerospace engineers in companies such as Pratt & Whitney, Bombardier, Airbus and MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates into the work methodology at Charles Simon. Advanced engineering, including computer-aided design, material strength calculations, dynamic simulations, 3D renderings and finite element method, is used to optimize quality, durability and efficiency. 

All our luggage protective cases are made of a special aluminum-carbon fiber combination in our workshop, making each piece lightweight yet incredibly sturdy. Carbon fiber material has one of the highest mechanical strengths in its class and is therefore used in the chassis and cockpit of Formula Ones to provide ultralight weight while also protecting the pilot's life.

Leather worker and her savoir-faire

Refined leather work

Our leather craftsmen pay utmost attention to quality, precision and care when it comes to leather work and sheath-making. Having acquired their savoir-faire from the best French ateliers, their practice is guided by a deep respect for the material and craft. 

Charles Simon sources the finest leather from a family-owned tannery, that was founded in 1927 in the south of France and supplies the world's most renowned luxury fashion brands. Alcantara® is the sophisticated lining with which our craftsmen dress the interior of our luggage and accessories by hand. This avant-garde, suede-like fabric is as soft to the touch as it is durable and is prominently used in the fashion industry as well as in private planes and luxurious cars.

Luthier working the wood

A passionate luthier dedicated to woodwork

For our exceptional Original collection, we use century-old wood that has been submerged in Quebec’s lakes and rivers since the log drive era. Extracted by a “new generation” lumberjack, this magnificent wood is particularly dense and sturdy while also being infused with Canada's rich history. The recovered logs are then crafted by our luthier in our workshop in Montreal. Only such respect, dedication and experience can showcase the natural splendor of the wood and achieve this level of perfection.

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10-year warranty

We believe in slow consumption and therefore develop products that are made to last. Our goal is for your Charles Simon product to continuously elevate your unique journey throughout your life. We offer a 10-year warranty on all our luggage and a 2-year warranty on leather accessories.

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