Illuminating the dark- Finding balance in the eternal dance of light and shadow

Everything is made up of light and shadow

The concept is present in all aspects of life, ranging from color and depth theory in visual art, lighting conceptions in architecture all the way to shadow work in Jungian psychology. Most unequivocally however, light and shadow can be found within ourselves. 

In the course of our hibernal limited edition collection, Charles Simon invites you to look into the bright side, face the dark and investigate the eternal dance between Light & Shadow.

A universe of light and shadow

Light and Shadow mutually create each other, mutually control each other and mutually transform into one another.

Vice versa, light manifests its presence by casting shadows and works to make the dark perceivable. In that manner, they form a perfectly shifting universe where one becomes the other before turning back into itself again. In that manner, the synergetic shift between light and shadow is fundamental to all existence.

Lost in our own light 

When it comes to ourselves however, the importance of the union of light and dark tends to get neglected in favor of a primary focus on all things light. 

Light represents the aspects of ourselves that we like and therefore, proudly showcase, while our internal shadows encompass the unconscious parts of ourselves that we prefer to hide, suppress and keep in the dark.

Even though it might be uncomfortable, acknowledging our own shadows is integral to maintaining inner balance.

As the renowned psychologists Zweig and Wolf explain in their landmark book Romancing the shadow: Iluminating the dark side of the soul, the shadow realm is “not a problem to be solved, it is a mystery to be faced.” (1997) Diving deeper into our internal darkness instead of constantly trying to avoid it, helps us realize that not everything can and not everything should be light. 

While it might seem obvious to associate the pursuit of pure light with a gain in clarity, light without darkness leaves us blinded by brightness while the insights we are looking for might actually be hidden in the shadows and are ready to be discovered if only properly confronted. 

The benefits of illuminating internal darkness

We’ve come to regard our inner darkness as a frightening place of repressed fears, problems and pain that is best left ignored, but in reality, recognizing the shadow is an act of affirmation of one’s presence, since all beings cast shadows and in doing so, manifest their existence. Beyond evincing reality, the shadow realm also encompasses the roots, and hence, the key to the solution, to many of our issues.

In that manner, facing one’s shadows can be a beneficial process that leads to the affirmation of presence, clarity of perception and greater personal authenticity. 

Balancing light and shadow

Embracing both, internal light and shadow, results in the gain of a more holistic self-image, which is necessary in order to be in harmony with the self, others, and the rest of the world. 

The equilibrium of light and shadow can be achieved through intentional engagement.

Instead of seeking out pure brightness or getting caught up in the dark, a comprehensive approach that equally appreciates and values both light and shadow, whether that be with regard to self-image, art or home design, facilitates feeling more aligned with the universe’s eternal dance of darkness and luminescence. 

Embark on your journey into Light & Shadow

The deliberate pursuit of a balance of light and dark is the source of inspiration to our second installment of the Synergy by Charles Simon series of limited edition collections. The premium accessories in our hibernal Light & Shadow line embody the harmonious interplay of brightness and dark through contrasting monochrome shades that are juxtaposed alongside clean lines and sleek silhouettes to form a synergetic whole.

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Written by Elizabeth Hanisch