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Article: Staying grounded to reach new heights - A guide to sustainable progress

Staying grounded to reach new heights -  A guide to sustainable progress

Staying grounded to reach new heights - A guide to sustainable progress


But what we are chasing is a falsified conception of advancement, one in which novelty and movement is automatically equated with quality and success.

What this notion lacks is the realization that in order to be genuine, growth has to be sustainable and well-balanced. Otherwise, making headway comes without any true, lasting benefit.

But how does one achieve proper progression?

The search for synergy

The key lies in finding harmony between being connected to one’s environment and the present moment while also looking ahead and searching for ways to improve. It is this synergy between being grounded and ascending that enables optimal development.

In order to comprehend this seemingly simple yet surprisingly complex notion, let us begin with the idea of synergy itself, what does that entail?

Synergy describes distinct elements interacting to create a combined effect greater than the sum of the individual components.

In this case, it expresses how on the one hand, being grounded provides the solid foundation necessary in order to reach new heights but on the other hand, looking forward and knowing where one is going facilitates being more present in the current moment.

To comprehend a synergetic unit, it is necessary to investigate the respective components and explore how they interrelate to generate an augmented union.

Strengthening roots

What does grounding mean?

Being grounded entails being fully present in the body and the current moment. This initial definition sounds quite straightforward, but in our contemporary age marked by information overflow, digital distractions and an increased alienation from nature, staying grounded might be simple, but it definitely is not easy, since it is highly tempting to reject presence, embrace distraction and flee into a state of permanent detachment. However, investing the time and effort into being fully present in one’s physical form enables profoundly experiencing the complete spectrum of human emotions. This includes feeling the joyful peace that comes from being in harmony with the self, nature and the current moment, but also involves learning to face and deal with pain, anxiety, and the more challenging aspects of life headon.

There are several concrete methods to ground the self, which can be as basic as running hands under cold water while counting to 50 or as comprehensive as practising meditation, increasing movement of the body outside and leaning into the universal connection with nature to help feel more firmly connected to reality.

Flying starts from the ground up

Regardless of the specific techniques and practices, grounding is most efficient when you have a place to go. With a goal that you want to rise up to in mind, grounding brings strength and confidence, whereas being stagnant enables getting caught in the past. It is at this moment that the interdependence between grounding and ascending becomes evident.

Being well-grounded provides the base that is required to be able to move up and likewise, being prospective facilitates embracing the present and leaning into one’s roots for support in reaching those objectives.

This synergy is also the force that lies at the core of the Charles Simon brand.

Synergy by and for Charles Simon

Traditional craftsmanship rooted in a rich history of artistry as well as premium natural materials provide the grounding foundation for the technology and advanced engineering methods that enable our products to lift the standards of luxury to unprecedented heights, all in a sustainable manner that is made to last

The inaugural Grounded & Ascending collection of our new series of special editions – Synergy by Charles Simon – explores exactly this interplay of rooting and elevating dynamics through a selection of products that embody grounding and lifting elements and blend them together to create high quality items that support well-balanced progression along your personal journey.

So, whether you are working on being more grounded, rising up to your challenges or finding balance between the two, the Grounded & Ascending collection is here to accompany you along your path to harmonious and sustainable progress.

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