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Article: How to take your watch collection to the next level

How to take your watch collection to the next level

How to take your watch collection to the next level

Wide shot of young man with Mackenzie watch case wearing luxury suit sitting on a grey couch in a room with modern interior design. Art books are propped on a sleek glass table. The watch case made from aluminum and carbon fiber , premium young bull leather and soft Alcantara is standing on the floor.

Charles Simon’s line of innovative watch accessories is here to keep your precious timepieces protected in style

Watches – more than just an accessory

Watches hold the exceptional appeal of being a practical everyday item, a logical investment piece and a form of individual stylistic expression all at the same time. It is this special blend of functions that draws so many enthusiasts to the practice of watch collecting.

Any watch addict understands that once you acquire your first special piece, it hardly ever stops there. And as much as you would like to, it is simply impossible to wear all of your beloved watches at once. This is where watch storage comes into play.

Considering how much time watches spend away from the wrist, the way they are deposited in the meantime should be high on the list of any watch expert’s priorities.

Open Mackenzie watch case 12 holding luxury watches. Man is taking Rolex placed on removable Alcantara cushion from the watch case

Based on this conviction, we at Charles Simon have developed high quality watch accessories that not only keep, but elevate your watch collection wherever you may be.

The refined way of keeping your timepieces

Designed with the modern watch collector in mind, our line of accessories includes products for elegantly displaying and safely storing your timepieces at home and on the go.

All of our watch accessories are handmade from exquisite materials, including French young bull leather, anodized aluminum and a special carbon aluminum fiber combination that is otherwise found in luxury yachts and professional race cars.

Expertly designed for watch connaisseurs

Man wearing luxury watch on his wrist holding Mackenzie 12 watch case in black young bull leather.  Shot of open Mackenzie watch case 12 filled with designer luxury men's watches.

Our journey into the world of watches had an unusual start. Alexandre Meerson, a renowned watch manufacturer and expert in the horology industry and one of our esteemed clients, approached us with the special request to turn one of our Mackenzie briefcases into a watch case that could hold his timepiece collection. After months of product development in close collaboration with the watch expert, the Mackenzie watch case was born. Due to its origin from a true watch lover’s bespoke request, the watch case covers all collector’s needs. The Mackenzie watch case holds between 10 to 12 watches, making it the ideal way of storing and displaying your collection at home or transporting it in a secure and stylish manner. A protective frame made from sturdy yet lightweight carbon aluminum fiber as well as a lock with a personalized code keep your collection safe and secure. The case’s interior lining and removable cushions are made from soft Alcantara to provide optimal padding. Two additional compartments provide convenient storage for extra straps or any other small accessories a watch fanatic would need on hand. The case can be engraved with your initials to add the ultimate personal touch.

Upon the successful launch of the Mackenzie watch case, we at Charles Simon quickly recognized the evident parallels between the values of horology and the identity of our brand. Similar to watches, Charles Simon products blend precision and a logic-driven approach with creative innovation and design. Charles Simon’s distinctive combination of advanced engineering methods and traditional craftsmanship enable us to create cutting-edge watch accessories that match then elegance of the pieces they hold.

Elevating watches at home and on the go

Shot of open Eaton watch travel case holding three luxury men's watches. Man sitting on modern grey couch wearing sophisticated suit next to closed marine Eaton watch travel case  for 3 watches

Our bestselling Eaton watch travel case perfectly demonstrates this unique expertise. Made from sophisticated French leather and anodized aluminum, Eaton holds up to three watches, making it the ideal travel companion for the modern watch collector on the go. In addition, it can also be used as an elegant home display to highlight your favorite pieces from your collection.

For those looking to take showcasing their timepieces at home to the next level, the Hudson watch stands are ideal. Inspired by contemporary art and modern architecture, the Hudson watch stands are sculptural pieces that seamlessly integrate the watches they hold into the home’s interior design. With room for one to three timepieces, the Hudson watch stands offer convenient access to watches worn on a daily basis and save time when putting them on and taking them off. Soft nubuck and padded display areas that have been applied by hand on solid aluminum protect your watches from the scratches and harm that build up over time from keeping them on hard surfaces.

Images of Hudson 3 watch stand in black holding three luxury men's watches and Hudson 1 watch stand in grey holding one men's watch

So, no matter the setting and occasion, Charles Simon has the perfect watch accessory for you, the modern watch collector who wants to treat timepieces with the level of care and refinement such exceptional pieces warrant.

To learn more about finding the watch accessory that is right for you, check out our Comprehensive Guide to Watch Accessories

The ultimate touch of sophistication

Man leaning against wall holding black Mackenzie. Mackenzie watch case 12 and marine Eaton watch travel case made from anodized aluminum, premium French leather and soft Alcantara. Mackenzie containing color samples of young bull leather, wood, aluminum and Alcantara for the Charles Simon Personalization Service

Our bespoke service allows you to have your watch accessories tailor made to fit your individual taste and needs. Choose from a variety of personalization options, including leather and Alcantara color, anodized aluminum finish and initials engraving. Click here to learn more about our Personalization Service.

Start your Charles Simon journey

We at Charles Simon are passionate about helping you find the accessories that are right for your watches, your taste and your lifestyle. Our all-encompassing customer care ensures that from start to finish, the Charles Simon experience is centered around your individual path. Click here to discover our full line of unique watch accessories or contact us at for any inquiries.

Embark on your Charles Simon journey today!

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