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Article: Why are we drawn to the ocean?

Why are we drawn to the ocean?

Why are we drawn to the ocean?

Find out what lies behind our innate fascination with the open sea and discover the benefits of intentionally incorporating the deep blue into your life

The sound of gentle waves crashing against the seashore, the blended scent of swimming pool chlorine mixed with sunscreen hanging in the air and the taste of refreshing ice cubes melting on your tongue – when we think of summer, all of our instinctive sensory experiences are tied to being in the vicinity of water.

This association makes sense, since summer is the prime time for leisure and recreation and anyone that has ever spent an entire day lounging by the pool or lying on the beach can attest to water’s unparalleled rejuvenating powers. 

But why do we find water relaxing? What constitutes the calming capacity of the ocean?  

In light of the much awaited arrival of summer and our limited edition Amidst the Waves collection, Charles Simon invites you to dive in and join us in investigating the enthralling appeal of H2O.

Humans have a “blue mind” – meaning that our brains are hardwired to react positively to water. Accordingly, being near, in, on or under water makes us happier, healthier and more relaxed, both mentally and physically. 

These beneficial effects are tied to the slightly meditative state of soft focus that humans fall into when exposed to water. Water provides a cognitive break from the constant overstimulation we are faced with in contemporary life. For instance, water sounds constitute a reduced audioscape that is not complete silence, but a lot easier to process than voices or other everyday noises. Moreover, the visual input offered by waterside locations such as the beach or the lakefront is significantly simpler to break down than the amount of information contained in a cityscape or alternative modern day settings. This simplified sensory input allows our brains to be focused yet relaxed, which is a highly rewarding form of stimulation that brings about diverse physical and mental health benefits, including lower stress levels and relief from anxiety.


In addition to this state of mild meditation, the confrontation with large bodies of water induces feelings of awe. Seeing the ocean stretch out far into the horizon triggers a sudden awareness of the vastness of the universe. And how could it not? With over 70% of the Earth’s surface and more than ⅔ of the human body consisting of water, being confronted with the deep blue cannot help but elicit a heightened sense of connectedness and make us feel part of something larger, because we quite literally are. Water is the source of life on this planet, tying all forms of existence together, and it is thus only natural for us to be filled with reverence when returning to the origin.

So, if simply sitting by the sea and observing the rolling waves can bring on a state of soft focus that promotes overall wellbeing and connectivity, how can these profitable properties be integrated and become useful in our quotidian lives?

While not everyone has the privilege of living close to the ocean, taking a waterside vacation every so often can provide an essential, recharging break. And it isn’t even necessary to flock all the way to the sea to reap the benefits of water. Simply taking a walk around your local lake, sitting by the neighborhood canal or taking a hot bubble bath to unwind after a long day can make all the difference. In addition, water’s relaxing properties even extend to the color blue in general. Aquatic hues are universally associated with tranquility and are proven to have a calming and soothing impact.

This summer, whether through a beach holiday, a dip in the pool or by incorporating more blue into your style, Charles Simon encourages you to tap into the valuable, restorative effects of water.

Dive right in by exploring our limited edition summer collection, which enables you to transport the ocean into your everyday life with accessories that embody the blend of mighty force and soothing calm of the sea through aquatic hues of marine, seafoam white and sky blue.

Come join us at sea and let yourself float Amidst the Waves

Written by Elizabeth Hanisch

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