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Article: The Rise of Quiet Luxury: How Stealth Wealth Is Redefining the Luxury Experience

Quiet Luxury and Stealth Wealth Outfits Featuring Succession, Gwyneth Paltrow and Charles Simon

The Rise of Quiet Luxury: How Stealth Wealth Is Redefining the Luxury Experience

In today's world, luxury is often associated with flashy, high-profile items that scream for attention. But there's a different kind of luxury that's gaining popularity - one that's all about understated elegance and refined simplicity.

This is the world of quiet luxury, a mindset that values quality over quantity and focuses on the experience of owning something truly special. From the impeccable style seen on the HBO hit series Succession to Gwyneth Paltrow's chic but logo-less court case attire, it's clear that the movement is gaining cultural momentum.

What Does Quiet Luxury Mean?

Quiet luxury, also known as stealth wealth, is all about sophistication without showing off. It's a style that values quality over quantity and emphasizes the subtle details and high-end craftsmanship that only those in the know can appreciate. Quiet luxury goods are defined by premium materials, refined textures, longevity and sustainability rather than the status they connote. In that manner, quiet luxury is more than just a fleeting fashion trend, it’s a mindset shift towards investing in high quality, everyday pieces with intention and care.

Towards a New Kind of Luxury

The heightened focus on intentionality in purchases is part of a wider shift towards a new meaning of luxury, which is reflected in the rising interest in quiet luxury and put into practice by pioneering brands like Charles Simon.

While luxury was previously loud, in the sense that it was all about who could be the flashiest, the most extravagant and eye-catching to get maximum attention from everybody watching, it is now quiet, meaning that luxury is defined by the intimate relationship between the client and the product. It is of little importance what external spectators might think, because they are not part of the equation.

Instead, true, modern luxury means being able to ignore the outside noise and focus only on your wants and needs. Luxury is having a brand listen to your wishes and ideas and making them come true just for you. We at Charles Simon believe in this new meaning of luxury and have been implementing it since day one. This is why we create watch accessories and travel goods according to your individual taste and handcraft our products from premium materials so that you get to enjoy their quietly luxurious company for a long time.

Why Is Quiet Luxury Relevant Now?

Quiet luxury has been gaining relevance for a number of reasons. To begin, the development towards stealth wealth is part of the larger, typical fashion cycle. As pandemic restrictions began to ease in 2021, fashion trends shifted towards "peacocking" and "dopamine dressing," which included bright colors, pattern mixing, and skin-baring outfits. However, as the economy swung in the opposite direction, fashion moved towards more subdued looks. This stylistic progression is heavily driven by the current state of the world. Factors such as shrinking disposable income and concerns over job security have led to a more pared-back approach.

This development however, is not new and has occurred numerous times throughout history, with early examples including the rise of Industrialization in the 18th century, as well as the more recent Great Recession in 2008. The fashion industry has always been acutely aware of social dynamics, and in times of economic hardship, flaunting extreme wealth is considered insensitive, resulting in the triumph of more subdued, logo-less pieces that only those in the know will be able to identify as high-end.

In addition, consumer are becoming more and more interested in sustainability, slow consumption and ethical production methods, and stealth wealth, with its intentional approach towards consumption, reflects these values.

Lastly, omnipresence in recent pop culture has contributed to quiet luxury’s rise to relevance. The hit TV show Succession about the story of the super rich, cutthroat Roy family is filled with the subtle, expensive aesthetic associated with quiet luxury. The characters’ wardrobe features perfectly tailored bespoke suits and neutral-toned turtleneck sweaters, all logo-less and all extremely pricey.

But high price points and lack of branding are not the only things that distinguish quiet luxury pieces. 

What Are Quiet Luxury Goods?

Quiet luxury goods are primarily defined by their heightened focus on quality and craftsmanship. While most stealth wealth products feature clean lines, simple silhouettes and subdued color palettes, it’s not about the style or look per se—which could still be bold and colorful—but rather about a prioritization of refinement and simplicity.

And contrary to popular belief, simplicity does not equate easiness. In fact, the opposite is the case. Stripping away excess can actually create more room for error and scrutiny. When the surplus is taken away, what is left will be examined with greater attention. This approach can be beneficial, since it necessitates increased attention on the foundations, like material sourcing and manufacturing.

Achieving profound simplicity can be the most difficult task, but it is also the ultimate sophistication. When done correctly, it creates timeless products that are designed and manufactured to last a lifetime.

So, whether it is Gwyneth Paltrow’s Celine boots, the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Selfwinding 37 mm on Gerri Kellman’s wrist in Succession, or a handcrafted carbon fiber and anodized aluminum Mackenzie Watch briefcase by Charles Simon, all of these quiet luxury items are united in their refined simplicity and top-notch quality.

Charles Simon – A Top Quiet Luxury Brand

Quiet luxury has been widely associated with fashion brands like Jil Sander, The Row and Loro Piana. Charles Simon is a prime example of a brand in the luxury accessories space embodying quiet luxury through impassioned devotion to quality and intentionality, which is evident in everything that we do. From our timeless, functional design to our use of the finest natural materials and in-house manufacturing process, everything at Charles Simon is well-thought out down to the last detail.

The result is exquisite watch accessories and travel goods that are handcrafted to elevate your passions, whether that be fine watches, traveling or entrepreneurship.

Charles Simon’s boldly minimalist design features the sleek lines, clear shapes and refined aesthetic associated with quiet luxury, all while keeping ergonomic functionality in mind. The brand thus fuses engineering and industrial design expertise to create innovative yet timelessly elegant pieces. In that manner, Charles Simon’s signature simplistic design intentionally creates room for the extensive technical knowhow and the fine materials used in the production process to shine through in a quietly luxurious way.

But our embodiment of stealth wealth goes beyond aesthetics. Indeed, Charles Simon exclusively uses high quality materials to produce long-lasting luxury accessories. Our products are made from carbon fibre and anodized aluminum, which is otherwise found in the cockpit of Formula Ones due to its robust yet lightweight properties. In addition to the material qualities, we also deeply care about supply chain transparency and working with suppliers that we have trusting, long-standing relationships with. For example, the fine French young bull leather used in our accessories is sourced from Remy Carriat, a renowned family-owned tannery in the South of France and the Italian Alcantara used in our interior lining is not only soft and durable, but also carbon neutral.

This intentional choice of high quality materials and trusted, transparent material suppliers is indicative of our slow consumption approach and effort towards sustainability. Slow consumption entails focusing on building lasting relationships with the products we choose to include in our lives through refined materials, transparent production conditions and planned durability instead of planned obsolescence. In that manner, slow consumption is a major part of both Charles Simon and the quiet luxury movement. 

In summary, Charles Simon embodies quiet luxury through our emphasis on high quality and longevity, our slow consumption approach and sustainable practices, and our unique yet timeless design that makes our products more than just luxury accessories but intentionally chosen companions to elevate your passions and accompany you on your unique journey.

How to Get the Quiet Luxury Look

Incorporating quiet luxury into your style begins with a conscious reflection on what your needs are. What color palette do you like? What kind of materials do you gravitate towards? What addition to your belongings could bring you joy in a lasting way? The stealth wealth style is all about timeless design, but that doesn’t have to mean black, white and grey only. Instead, the focus should be on determining what kind of look fits your personality and will be suitable for your life for many years to come. A prioritization of longevity often automatically leads away from logo mania and overly flashy designs because a sleek silhouette and subdued look is more likely to stand the test of time. 

Once you have figured out what you want you will be less likely to be swayed by fleeting trends, outside opinions and impulse purchases.

As a next step, look into a brand before buying from them. What is their story? What kind of materials and techniques do they use? What is their stance on sustainability? Doing proper research allows you to find brands that align with your personal values and you will thus, be able to connect with the brand and their products on a more profound level.

For Charles Simon, the force that connects us to our customers is passion. Our clients are all impassioned people, whether it be about watches, traveling or entrepreneurship. They can thus see themselves and their ideas reflected in the passion that underlies everything we do at Charles Simon. The mutual prioritization of passion creates the foundation for a shared approach to life, and Charles Simon is there to offer products that elevate this joint journey. Our ideological alignment allows us to transcend the transactional consumer and producer relationship and instead, form interrelated bonds of exceptional quality that are made to last.

After having found a brand that aligns with you, identify the pieces that will fit your style in the long term. While going through all of these steps might seem overwhelming and like a lot of work, the outcome makes it absolutely worth it. Once you have found a well-made, timeless item from a brand that you are happy to support, the joy you will get from purchasing, receiving and using it for a long time is going to be different than the usual roller coaster of dopamine highs and lows that purchases usually bring about. Instead, these carefully curated products are going to continue to bring you the lasting joy of owning something truly special, which is the secret to stealth wealth.

And the best part is, you don’t have to go through this process alone. 

Quiet Luxury, Designed for You

Defining your individual version of timeless style and finding the right product to fulfill those needs can be a challenging undertaking to do all by yourself. But luckily, you don’t have to.

Bespoke Services allow you to create one-of-a-kind products according to your vision, tailor-made to fit your personal needs. In a world of mass production and rapid trend cycles, nothing is more luxurious than a high quality, long-lasting product made just for you. It does not get more stealth wealth than that.

And with a Bespoke Service like the one provided by Charles Simon, you also get all-encompassing customer care, that includes consultation on determining your style, your ideas, your needs and what kind of product can cover them all.

Creating a personalized luxury accessory with the Charles Simon Bespoke Service allows you to realize the accessory of your dreams, from never-before-seen color and material combinations to name engraving and fully custom solutions, our team of expert designers and craftsmen is dedicated to bringing your ideas to life.

Find out more about our Bespoke Service here


In conclusion, quiet luxury is a trend that's here to stay. It's all about intentional consumption, timeless elegance and the luxurious experience of owning something truly special. Whether you are looking to incorporate the stealth wealth look into your style or simply appreciate the mindset behind this contemporary approach to luxury, this movement is sure to continue to gain popularity in the years to come.

To get a head start on integrating quiet luxury into your life, read our comprehensive guide to watch accessories to find out which of our premium products fits your needs, explore our collection of luxury watch accessories here or contact our Bespoke Service at and a member of our team will personally assist you in bringing your vision of the perfect luxury accessory to life.


Written by Elizabeth Hanisch

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